We partner with early stage VCs to double down in their leading companies.

Alpha Venture Partners
The Pro-Rata Co-Investment Fund

Most category leading companies have small, early stage investors as their first funders. Due to fund constraints, early stage investors lack the capital to follow-on in their winners.

Alpha provides on-demand capital for our partner VCs and shares the economics on co-investments.

Our Early Stage VC Partnerships are Working

Alpha’s VC partners benefit from the shared carried interest on capital returns of our investments that they might not have gotten otherwise.

This win-win opportunity gets Alpha invited into scores of late stage deals.

Alpha’s portfolio has grown at a 100%+ 4-year CAGR.

Founded by Pioneer VC’s and Entrepreneurs

Before Alpha, we were co-founders and builders of NYC and west coast companies. We founded two of the first NYC VC funds where we were early investors in Medidata (MDSO) and LivePerson (LPSN).

We were fortunate to source and back MDSO and LPSN, but we lacked the capital to invest in the companies’ later stage, pre-IPO rounds. This inspired us to launch Alpha.

We built Alpha VP to provide “double down” capital for our early VC partners. We reward first funders by sharing the upside in exchange for inviting us into their strong-performing companies’ late stage rounds.

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