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Careem Closes $500M Raise at $1B+ Valuation

Link to WSJ Coverage “Careem, which launched in 2012, is now active in more than 80 cities in the broader Middle East and boasts over 10 million users. ‘The opportunity for further expansion in this region is huge,’ said Careem co-founder and chief executive Mudassir Sheikha. With the rise of Uber and car-sharing services like Zipcar, young drivers are increasingly using shared-vehicle services rather than […]


Alpha VP Closes its 10th Investment Outcome Health

Link to WSJ Coverage “Outcome Health, an 11-year-old privately held company, says it has nearly closed a $600 million funding round at a multibillion-dollar valuation. Among the new investors are Goldman Sachs Investment Partners and CapitalG, an investment arm of Google parent Alphabet Inc… Outcome’s sales increased to more than $130 million last year from about $60 million in 2015 and $7 million in 2012, […]


Rev1 Ventures: Part Accelerator, Part VC, All Ohio

By: Ben Freeberg Rev1 Ventures is the most active seed fund in the Great Lakes region. The firm works with angels, VCs, and its 100-person advisor network of corporate and community partners to provide early-stage tech startups with the resources they need to thrive. Rev1 has helped its portfolio companies gain recognition for best-in-class solutions, and acquire name-brand clients such as Kellogg’s and Welch’s. Rev1 […]


Hoxton Ventures: Venture Investing in a Globalized World

By: Ben Freeberg In 2008 the internet started to turn the startup world flat, as distribution and scale became cheaper and easier. You could now have 10 people working on an application in the U.S. and within one week have one million people using it in Turkey. There were no more geographic borders when it came to tech, so other talent rich areas could compete […]


The Venture Upside of Companies Staying Private Longer


Benhamou Global Ventures: Enabling the Digital Transformation of the Enterprise

By: Ben Freeberg Benhamou Global Ventures (“BGV”) is an early-stage venture capital firm with deep Silicon Valley roots and an exclusive focus on enterprise information technology opportunities in global markets. BGV currently has 20 active investments across its fund II and fund III portfolios.   With offices in Palo Alto, California and Tel Aviv, Israel, the BGV team has been able to successfully build and […]