At its core, our business is about people and information. In the course of a week,  we meet with many LPs, potential partners, or entrepreneurs. With each person we exchange multiple files multiple times. We also share documents internally, or have different people work on the same document.

Misplacing a file can cost us a deal.

When it comes to cloud systems or file formats, everyone has his own preference. Being able to work on, save, and back up all these files is a mission critical ability. With so many people working on their own services, complete chaos is always just a few clicks away.

Our business has to be agile and fast. Employees – and even more so our external partners –  need to be able to work on their own prefered services, while communicating seamlessly with other cloud services used by others in the team.

On the other hand, each member of the team needs to be able to easily find a file created by a different team member in a different platform. It is the secret sauce that makes us both agile and organized.

CloudHQ does exactly that. It makes our workplace platform agnostic. The service magically syncs the team’s personal Google drive to the business Dropbox, and vice versa, or mirrors two different cloud systems.

Another great pain is the UX of different services. While Google apps are great for collaboration, they can be a bit frustrating when it comes to archiving and keeping things in order. Dropbox is horrible on mobile or tablets, while Google apps just work great on any device.

Working with CloudHQ allows us to do our best work, in the most critical time, on the most suitable platform, without needing to worry about syncing and backup. Our data is secure, easily findable, and above all, fully organized.