Alpha Venture Partners – Venture Capital Analyst Opportunity

Alpha Venture Partners is a late-stage Series C+, pro-rata co-investment fund, and we partner with early stage funds to help them double down in their growth stage companies. In addition, we are the East Coast advisors to Pritzker Group VC, assisting them in sourcing Seed through Series B deals.

We are based in New York City and are looking for an analyst to join our team as the 5th full-time employee. The opportunity will consist of a mix of growth stage venture capital and expansion stage private equity work.

An Analyst role with AVP will consist of:

  • Deal due diligence
    • Financial and Valuation Analysis
    • Competitive and Market Research
    • Research on technology, venture capital, IPOs, markets, and the general economy.
  • Working with and expanding our network of partner VC firms
  • In addition, as we are a small team, about 25% of your time will be spent on the admin side of the business, which includes deal flow filing, data entry, social networking, writing, reporting.


Alpha Venture Partners is looking for applicants with 1-3 years of work experience at an Investing Banking, Consulting, Venture Capital or Private Equity firm. An analyst should be results oriented with an ability to work independently and proactively. Applicants should show strong research, company diligence and writing skills in addition to having a good grasp of venture capital and the current state of the startup ecosystem.

Most importantly, an analyst must possess great attention to detail and be able to write investment memos that make a balanced case for and against a potential investment.

How to Apply:

To apply, please email us your CV with an informal, less than one page cover note on why you wish to work as an analyst with Alpha Venture Partners. Be precise about how your work experience and current skill set indicate a good fit.

Please contact us at